What Custom Thermal Pins Do for Plastic Molding

The importance of thermal management touches every industry to some degree. It’s no surprise, then, that the advancement of thermal management – particularly in the realm of electrical cooling – has also been felt in every industry. However, thermal management’s specific meaning and roles can change from one industry to the next, and how that advancement impacts a company depends on its reliance on efficient thermal solutions. For example, in the plastic molding industry, being able to rapidly transfer heat is essential for more than just electrical cooling processes. It’s also the foundation of a company’s operations, as it can dictate how fast and how reliably a company can create high-quality plastic molds.

Managing heat in the plastic molding industry

Being able to efficiently manage heat is essential to any company. In the context of electrical cooling processes, it can dictate how efficiently the company’s vital technologies can operate. The rate at which they can cool their electrical enclosures and prevent overheating impacts how productive the company can be overall. Using advanced methods like custom heat exchangers, modern companies have transformed their abilities to manage electrical waste heat and the productivity of their technological solutions. Today, those same transformations have also helped companies enhance other operations that rely on effective thermal management, including the process of cooling superheated molds in the plastic molding industry.

A correlation between cooling and quality

In electrical cooling applications, there’s a direct correlation between the efficiency of cooling processes and the efficiency of the applications they’re attached to. In more specialized applications like plastic mold cooling, the specific cooling solutions are directly tied to the quality of molds a company produces, and the speed with which it can produce them. Specialized cooling units known as thermal pins have helped ensure optimal results both in the quality of plastic mold cooling processes and the final components that are produced.

Customizing solutions in the form of thermal pins

Thermal pins are a highly specific custom thermal solution designed explicitly for use in plastic molding equipment. They utilize the same heat transfer principles that power more conventional high-performance heat exchangers – principles that rely on transferring heat quickly and efficiently rather than chilling it. When housed within appropriate molding equipment, custom thermal pins can provide consistently rapid and nearly isothermal results when cooling every mold. For more information about what custom thermal pins can do for plastic molding companies, call Noren Custom Thermal Solutions in Taylor, TX, at 866-936-6736.