3 Custom Thermal Solutions that Benefit Most Companies

In older, more conventional technological applications, the solutions utilized to keep those applications properly cooled play a big role in their overall efficiency. This is why more advanced thermal management techniques, such as efficiently transferring waste heat, have had such a significant impact on companies’ technological advancement. As companies have continued pursuing that advancement, the ability to customize a variety of advanced thermal management solutions has also proven significant. From cooling electrical enclosures more efficiently to streamlining core thermal management processes, like plastic mold cooling, these custom thermal solutions have benefited companies in every industry, and in several different important ways.

Custom-made heat pipe assemblies

Heat pipes have long been a popular form of heat exchanger that manages an application’s electrical waste heat with optimal efficiency. Pipe-based heat exchangers utilize an appropriate number of pipes to facilitate the flow of an eco-friendly cooling fluid toward and away from the source of electrical waste heat. In addition to creating an efficient and easily manageable method of preventing electrical overheating, heat pipe assemblies can be custom-designed to fit into unique spaces, lie in various planes, and bend as needed according to each application’s unique needs. For applications of various designs and in many different industries, custom-designed heat pipe solutions can provide high-performance electrical cooling with minimal cost.

Custom-designed cold plates

Much like heat pipes, cold plates are a traditional form of heat exchanger, and operate on principles of transferring electrical waste heat as efficiently as possible. Within cold plates, however, the cooling fluid that absorbs and transfers the waste heat flows through paths that are custom-machined into the metal plates. The custom paths allow for optimal flow of the cooling fluid and are designed according to an application’s specific thermal management needs and operating parameters. Because heat can be absorbed at any point along the metal cold plates, they can make an ideal custom heat transfer solution for applications of various types.

Customized thermal pins

The ability to customize an advanced heat transfer solution to fit any application’s unique needs has been paramount in many companies’ efforts to streamline their electrical thermal management capabilities. It’s also been key to extending the advantages of streamlined thermal management to more than just electrical cooling applications. For example, in the plastic molding industry, the same principles of rapidly transferring waste heat have proven essential in helping companies enhance the speed and quality of their yields. With custom-designed thermal pins, the process of removing heat from plastic molds efficiently and evenly can be made more cost and energy efficient, as well as more easily manageable.

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