Dispersing Thermal Energy with a Heat Sink

Computer video card with heatsink.When working in an industry that involves producing a product, mining for something, or overall manufacturing, ensuring your applications are working optimally is a must. What’s more, having the equipment to withstand unique environments and accomplish the goal your company sets are needed to do so. To prevent overheating, your team at Noren Thermal Solutions in Taylor, TX create customized products to help you accomplish these needs, and would like to discuss the benefits of our heat sinks in today’s blog.

Protection from Overheating

Just as energy is exerted when you run a mile or exercise, technological applications exert energy when performing their intended purposes. This often generates heat, as mechanisms are working avidly to accomplish a task. The problem arises, however, when this heat has no way of exiting an application, causing it to build and build until the temperature of the panel has exceeded an alarming rate, ultimately causing it to overheat. When this occurs, your applications may suffer severe damage that result in breaking down or even becoming damaged beyond repair. What’s more, this phenomenon causes an immediate halt in production, as not only are the machines themselves down, but the staff and operates are without a task. In addition to this, turnaround time can be large when waiting for a technician to maintenance the machine, and you may even need to replace it, costing a significant amount of money. Now this has impacted overall yield, production, and productivity, potentially costing your business greatly. To combat this concern, you can utilize a custom accessory such as a heat sink to help regulate temperature

Utilizing Copper

A heat sink is a solution that affords forced air cooling to prevent excess thermal energy from building within an electronic. It consists of a small device with multiple finned edges to help heat disperse at a quick rate. While traditional sinks are made from aluminum, Noren’s custom copper-finned sinks help to displace heat at nearly three times the rate of traditional models. What’s more, they offer a custom solution that is able to address the need for rapid cooling.

A Solution for Small Spaces

As power densities per square inch are increasing, allotted area and space are trending inversely, meaning that a solution must be able to effectively perform with a minimal space, making our custom heat sink a prime choice. We do not believe in a “one-size-fits-all” mentality, and recognize that devices are intended to accomplish a variety of purposes with unique parameters and factors affecting them. For more information, contact our team today.

Learn More Today

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