Aiding Material Processing With Thermal Pins

Metal molds for making plastic bottlesEffective technological applications not only achieve higher yields and increased levels of production, but they do so without the threat of imminent breakdown or overheating. Indeed, to accomplish such a feat, it takes a great understanding of the unique parameters, overall goals, and limitations of the environments involved throughout the process. What’s more, recognizing the need for optimal thermal management is the first step to achieving this goal. In today’s blog, the team at Noren Thermal Solutions in Taylor, TX will take a look at achieving this outcome when it comes to material processing, and how plastic rotational molds can benefit from consistency through cooling.

When Mold Thickness Is A Factor

It goes without saying that the overall purpose or aim for an application is heavily influenced by the industry that is utilizing it. For example, having a NEMA-compliant 4X enclosure serves a tremendous use in the wastewater industry, but the additional components may not be necessary for general-use enclosure environments such as those in a Food & Beverage facility. That being said, our team recognizes the importance of truly understanding your needs, and that is the mindset we adopt when creating your custom products.

In material processing plants that utilize molds to accomplish their tasks, there are a number of factors that must be considered. For starters, mold thickness has been known to affect the outcome of yields with solutions that do not promote adequate cooling. Indeed, improper rotational mold cooling can result in sink marks, pulling, and even spotting. This not only damages the integrity of your output, but causes a waste of time, effort, and resources as you will have to begin the process again. Fortunately, our team is prepared to help.

Increase in Cycle Times

Plastic rotational mold cooling can benefit from the use of our custom thermal pins, as they can transfer heat to warm the plastic at a faster pace with more even results. The best part is that this can be accomplished regardless of variations in mold thickness, thus increasing cycle times while generating quality output. To learn more about the importance of this process, reach out to our team and speak to a representative today.

Optimize Your Plastic Rotational Mold Cooling

When you meet with our team about a custom thermal pin heat exchanger, we discuss your specific parameters that need to be met, the purpose your technology fulfills, and the overall goals or outcomes you are aiming to achieve. From here, our team maintains a consistent line of communication throughout the design, formulation, and production of your custom product so that you will ultimately have a hand in its outcome.

Learn More Today

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