NEMA Standards For Various Enclosures

Close up, clean and dirty cabin air filter for car. car air filter texture and backgroundEnsuring your technological applications are functioning properly involves much more than just making sure to prevent overheating. In fact, factors such as environment, function, parameters, and potential hurdles must all be considered when designing a custom heat exchanger, otherwise, the result will be sub-optimal at best. Still, this practice is much easier said than done, and it can often be difficult to discern where to start. In today’s blog, the team at Noren Thermal Solutions in Taylor, TX will take a look at NEMA standards that define guidelines for various enclosure types, and how our team uses these parameters to design innovative solutions.

General Purpose Function

When creating a custom heat exchanger and providing analyses of their function, our team considers a great number of factors. Arguably most important is what the purpose is the application itself is fulfilling. For instance, if the accessory is intended for general purpose use like NEMA 12 enclosure cooling, then the specific guidelines will insist there is some protection against falling dust or dirt. Non-corrosive dripping agents are also accounted for and subsequent protection provided.

Most general-purpose enclosures following the NEMA 12 standard are often intended for indoor use, so industries such as manufacturing and packaging may benefit more from these enclosure types than a hazardous location might. To learn more about this process, reach out to our team today.

Environment-Specific Needs

When it comes to hazardous locations, it makes sense that the NEMA standards adhered to will differ. Indeed, NEMA 4X enclosure cooling standards are better equipped for environment-specific needs. For instance, industries such as wastewater closely follow these standards, as 4X enclosures provide watertight enclosure seals to protect against the damaging effects of water and vapor.

For a thermal solution to be considered NEMA 4X approved, it must be able to exclude at least 65 gallons per minute of water from a 1-inch nozzle. What’s more, it must be delivered from a distance of at least 10 feet for five minutes. There is also additional protection provided against corrosion. For more information about these standards, reach out to our team today.

Where to Begin

Ensuring your thermal management solution adheres to NEMA-specified standards can be a tricky task when one is uncertain about an application’s needs to begin with. Indeed, it is no longer adequate to simply prevent applications from overheating, and optimal function continues to be prioritized when getting the most from your equipment. Our team works diligently to determine the best possible solutions for your business, and eco-friendly, sustainable options are an effective means to do so.

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