Technologies That Achieve A Variety of Dimensions

office building heating system control equipmentBecause each and every industry contains unique parameters and needs, it would be ineffective to assume one-size-fits-all solutions would suffice. What’s more? Not every industrial application utilizes the same equipment, let alone the same methods for effective thermal management. Still, despite all of this variation, one thing remains constant: your applications require proper maintenance and care. In today’s blog, the team at Noren Thermal Solutions in Taylor, TX discusses the ways that heat exchangers such as heat pipes can achieve a variety of bends and angles to help you maximize your thermal management capabilities.

Why Customization Matters

From a production standpoint, the ability to produce large numbers of heat exchangers for a variety of technological applications seems ideal. After all, each device requires a means of temperature regulation, and being able to use a universal solution would make everyone’s lives easier, right?

On the contrary, competition is key for a variety of businesses. This means finding an edge or a characteristic that takes your products one step above the rest. Indeed, it means much more nowadays to provide solutions for overheating applications in a manner that can benefit cycle times or enhanced quality as well.

This is where customization comes in handy. You see, our products begin with a concept, an identified method, and factors in your parameters to create the ideal heat exchanger for your team. For instance, our custom heat pipes are not a set model, and can in fact be altered to fit your needs. This includes pipes with larger or smaller diameters, lengths, bends, angles, and more. Reach out to our team today to learn more about this process.

Heat Pipe Heat Exchangers

One of our popular options includes heat pipe assemblies. This product consists of a variety of hollow cores that implement phase-change technology for purposes of rapid heat transfer. What’s more? The use of a fluid such as water allows for eco-friendly temperature regulations.

While pipes are not the only thermal management solution out there, they depict a fantastic example of the way customization benefits many businesses. For instance, if your location does not have much space for proper airflow, these installations are excellent for utilizing wall space or other fixtures to achieve the area needed for proper regulation. To learn more about this process, reach out to our team today.

Understanding Methods

Environmentally friendly heat exchangers are the crux of Noren’s products, and we have spent over 40 years designing our solutions with them in mind. Indeed, we can help your team get the most from your industrial applications through methods such as phase-change, passive/active, thermoelectric, and even liquid cold plate cooling.

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