Technology For Air To Water Heat Exchangers

Water Pipeline in Water Treatment PlantUtilizing eco-friendly technology does more than just benefit the environment: it means optimizing your technological capabilities so that you are able to efficiently get the most out of your equipment. Indeed, heat exchangers such as heat pipes, heat sinks, and more offer capabilities that streamline your equipment’s function while also benefitting the environment, and a large influence comes from the methodology that is implemented. In today’s blog, the team at Noren Thermal Solutions in Taylor, TX discusses what it means to utilize air to water heat exchangers and how natural processes can benefit your operation.

What is Phase Change Technology?

While it is true that there are countless options you can pursue to help remove waste heat from an industrial application, not every option may be the most ideal for your needs. In fact, each industry, each business, and even every application has its own unique set of parameters that influence how effective an accessory or product will be.

One of the attributes that set our team apart from the rest is our focus on environmentally-friendly thermal management solutions. For over fifty years, we have continued to innovate and test new ideas and theories to help you get the most from your equipment and avoid harmful emissions. One of the primary ways we accomplish this is through the use of phase-change technology.

Phase-change technology utilizes a liquid (often water) to absorb the waste heat your application produces. It will continue to do so until it has reached its latent point of vaporization, where the liquid transforms phases into vapor. This vapor is then carried away from the source to initiate the cooling process, and once it falls below its vaporization point, it is transported back to the source to repeat the process.

Products Such as Heat Pipes

At Noren Products, we design, develop, and manufacture a variety of heat exchangers to suit your needs. Indeed, we place an emphasis on optimal function coupled with natural processes, and one of our top air to water heat exchangers includes our heat pipe installations. They are one of the most common two-phase passive options, and we can achieve a variety of different bends and angles to best suit your needs. To learn more about this process, reach out to our team today.

Ideal Function with Simple Methods

Sometimes the most effective thermal management options come from the simplest ideas. What’s more? Being able to rapidly cool overheating electronics is made better with the consideration of the physical and working environment, and fortunately, that is where our team comes in to help.

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