Quality Results With Below Ambient Cooling

Checking the operating voltage levels of the solar panel switchgear compartment.In order to ensure proper application function, an understanding of the way your physical environment influences functional capabilities is necessary. For example, you might not immediately recognize that your working environment’s temperature can cause an application to overheat at a rapid rate, and it is for this reason that you must consider this and other factors when planning your company’s operation. In today’s blog, the team at Noren Thermal Solutions in Taylor, TX takes a closer look at the way below ambient cooling capabilities can provide consistent temperature regulation for various electrical cabinets, as well as how customization elevates the process.

Cooling Electrical Cabinets

Although various industries can be expected to function in differing manners, there are still plenty of elements that remain consistent. For example, a variety of industrial applications and machinery tend to house the sensitive wires and electronics that are responsible for function in a central control unit, such as an electrical cabinet. Though each one will have a different makeup based on the function your device is designed to serve, each cabinet will require a method for cooling, regardless of differences.

Indeed, you may be aware that there are various methods out there that can be implemented to make this happen. What you might not know, however, is that not every method provides the same level of efficiency when your parameters and unique needs are considered.

When taking a look at below ambient cooling capabilities, our team strives to provide consistent and efficient internal temperature regulation to below the ambient outside air temperature, and air to water methods are our top choice. To learn more about this process and how to get started on your solution, give us a call today.

Safe Distribution

In addition to being easy to install and maintain, our air to water heat exchanger uses a specially-designed open-loop core to remove waste heat from inside of the enclosure. This is done using only one gallon per minute of water and can be created with various enclosure types in mind.

Another major benefit of below ambient methods is that they can guarantee safe distribution. You see, we can design your custom thermal solution to adhere to NSF 61 & 372 certified product lines. In other words, this ensures that the water used does not pose a consumption risk and can be safely distributed. Give our team a call to learn more.

Safeguards for Hazardous Areas

When it comes to industries that may have harsher conditions of operation such as oil and gas or aerospace, our team has you covered. Our specially-designed core helps to remove the waste heat generated by application function without the need for external fans.

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