Thermal Pins For Various Needs

Plastic film wrapping machine for packaging paper boxIn an ideal world, we would be able to get the most from the products and applications we use in our everyday lives. This would require that devices work to capacity and be able to withstand day-to-day elements. For most, however, this is far from reality, as various environmental influences and unique parameters cause technological applications to perform below expected function and require additional accessories and features. In today’s blog, the team at Noren Thermal Solutions in Taylor, TX reviews the need for effective thermal solutions, and how custom pins can address various molding needs.

What is Plastic Mold Cooling?

It goes without saying that there is more to meets the eye when it comes to any one specific industry. Indeed, industries serve a great purpose in promoting the productive capacity of the people, as well as create a cycle of ever-increasing employment opportunities. Moreover, industries allow for specialization in a particular area of focus, ensuring greater quality goods to satisfy an ever-growing demand of needs.

When it comes to creating specific products or performing a given task, the small details and semantics are completely up to the operation. For example, plastic bottles used to bottle water, soft drinks, and other products often need to be created in-house to adhere to the unique needs of the item.

Because plastic mold needs can vary in terms of purpose, dimension, and need, there are a few different tactics that can be used to achieve an intended effect. These can include rotational, injection, extrusion, and blow molding. To learn more about this process and how you can optimize your capabilities, give our team a call.

Injection and Blow Molding

Among the various forms of plastic molding, injection processes are among the most popular. This process involves melting plastic pellets and, once they achieve a malleable consistency, are injected into mold bases. Another method involves blow molding, in which heats a plastic to a malleable consistency and uses a mold to create a shape through blowing air.

Though these processes differ, they both require assistance in optimizing heating and cooling capabilities, and being able to access various parts of the mold is essential. Fortunately, this is where plastic thermal management comes in to play. Contact our team today to learn more.

Extrusion and Rotational Applications

Other plastic molding methods – including extrusion and rotational – can also benefit from custom thermal pin heat exchangers. For example, plastic rotational mold cooling can utilize custom pins to access areas of the mold that were previously inaccessible, regardless of variations in mold thickness.

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