Efficient Plastic Mold Cooling

Recycled molten plastic comes out of the extruder machine Concept of recycling, plastic, industry, factories. Continuous extrusion with cooling in water to be processed into a pelletAs you may be aware by now, there are several industries that specialize in highly-specific practices. What’s more? These fields must be able to operate at a consistent level without fear of break down due to their unique parameters and needs. As a result, the only logical next step to perform at an ideal level is to pursue thermal solutions that take these unique parameters and other considerations into mind. In today’s blog, the team at Noren Thermal Solutions in Taylor, TX discusses how these concepts apply to plastic mold cooling, as well as what your options may be.

Considering Heating and Cooling

When looking at thermal options, it is important to recognize why you need such solutions and what they mean for your operation. You see, application overheating is one of the largest threats to consistent function out there, and without paying attention to what influences it, you will surely find yourself having to explore alternative options. In other words, internal temperatures become so great during routine function that the heightened temperature can lead to a number of major issues.

Indeed, these issues only worsen with specific fields, and the parameters surrounding an application actually have a significant hand in the process. For example, applications used in Oil & Gas must be able to withstand difficult environments, meaning their thermal solutions must be designed with this in mind in order to provide efficient function.

When it comes to plastic mold cooling, the unique considerations may consist of the fact that it is not only dealing with cooling, but heating as well. For more information about this process and how our team can help you get started, give our team a call today.

Consistent and Dependable Results

Taking a look at the process of plastic mold cooling, we see that there are several more sub-functions to consider. For example, some industries may utilize plastic injection mold cooling, whereas others may primarily focus on plastic rotational mold cooling.

Regardless of the specifics of these industries, the important question to consider is how you can promote shortened cycle times and high-quality results. This is where our team comes in to help, as our thermal pin heat exchangers offer the most in terms of rapid heating and cooling. Contact our team to learn more about your options today.

Used in a Variety of Applications

Noren’s thermal pin heat exchanger consists of a high-temperature heat pipe core that can be customized for various mold types and applications. These can range from the ones we mentioned previously to blow or extrusion mold cooling, and our team is ready to help you get started.

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