A Green Approach To Thermal Management

Eco sustainable worker hand holding hardhatIf you own your own business, your company’s effect on the environment becomes part of your legacy. You can choose to contribute to environmental damage or participate in efforts to preserve the planet for future generations. By prioritizing business practices such as reducing carbon emissions and protecting the water table, you can take pride in being a responsible corporate citizen. While some may assume that pursuing more ecologically sustainable practices can be quite expensive, there are often opportunities to enjoy cost savings as well. At Noren, we provide a line of thermal management products that help you control temperatures without relying on the energy-intensive technology of traditional air conditioning. With a passive heat exchanger, you can manage waste heat while reducing the energy it takes to safely transport it.

At Noren Thermal Solutions, we understand that today’s business landscape is constantly evolving. While certain electronic applications are becoming more and more sophisticated, producing significant waste heat, the desire to help protect the environment is as popular as ever. That’s why we rely on over half of a century’s worth of experience adapting our thermal management tools for your unique needs. We can evaluate your current systems or help you design one from the planning phase to implementation. By taking advantage of energy savings, we can help you improve your bottom line.

Take Advantage Of An Air To Air Heat Exchanger

Your company may employ circuitry and electronics that rely upon a variety of rare earth elements to operate each day. Because mining for these resources can put quite a strain on the environment, making your components last as long as possible helps you do your part for sustainability. When your thermal management system operates efficiently, you can be sure that your temperatures are preventing the chances of a costly overheating situation. In addition to helping you save on replacement costs, you can prevent costly downtime from unproductive labor.

Reduce Your Energy Costs With Passive Exchange

The traditional air conditioner at your home or in your car takes a significant amount of extra energy to cool temperatures when your heat increases. This means that to scale efficiently, a product with less marginal energy costs can offer massive savings. With an air-to-air heat pipe system, we can create a closed-loop system that cools your application without the need for an outside energy source. This pipe delivers a cooling liquid that absorbs heat away from your equipment. After reaching its boiling point, it takes your temperature away until cooling and returning to begin the process again.

Speak With  Noren About Environmental Responsibility

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