Understanding Your Control Panel Cooling Options

control panel cooling taylor txYour electrical equipment produces significant thermal energy, and taking care of your operation means making sure that you have the tools that you need to properly regulate the temperatures in and around your vital electronics. Control panel cooling is particularly necessary, as these areas keep you up and running, and the wrong thermal management option can leave you waiting around for repairs. By being proactive in your protection, you can help your business to stay operational and efficient, so if you are still relying on compressed air or air conditioning for your needs, talk to a trusted team about making a change.

At Noren Thermal Solutions in Taylor, TX, we build efficient systems to help you to manage your heat within and around your electronics, and we do so in a way that helps you to lower your energy consumption when moving from traditional cooling methods. When you need to upgrade or replace your existing cooling system for your control panels or electrical enclosures, talk to our team about the advantages of effective air-to-air heat exchangers and advanced custom heat pipe assemblies!

Air-To-Air Heat Exchangers Provide Reliable Control Panel Cooling

Your electrical housing is used to protect vital electrical components and wiring from the elements. While they can be highly effective at doing this, they can also trap heat within them. When thermal energy cannot escape, it can cause serious havoc within your enclosures and control panels. This can lead to damage over time, and it can cause your equipment to break down sooner than you might expect.

Instead of spending your time waiting around for repairs, be proactive in your protection with a quality custom air-to-air heat exchanger. These work with the laws of thermodynamics to bring you a more efficient method of thermal management than can be had with traditional methods. If you are still using compressed air or air conditioning for control panel cooling, talk to our team about the benefits of custom heat exchangers.

Safeguard Your Electronics With Passive Cooling With Heat Pipes

Along with heat exchangers, heat pipes are becoming a favorite thermal management solution for those looking to protect their electronics from the harms of uncontrolled thermal energy. These are fully enclosed tubes that contain a working fluid, and as the material inside starts to heat up, it changes to a gaseous state. The gas travels to the other end of the pipe naturally, cooling to a point where it reverts to liquid, returning to the original location.

Protect Your Vital Electronics With Noren Thermal Solutions

If you are still using air conditioning or compressed air to regulate heat within your electrical housing, talk to our team about making a change. To find out more about effective control panel cooling, give us a call at Noren Thermal Solutions in Taylor, TX at 512-595-5700.