Advanced Applications of Custom Thermal Management

Better thermal management solutions have typically focused on a few core aspects of a company’s operations, such as cooling electrical control panels and other enclosures for high-performance technologies. Though often highly specific in their purpose, advanced cooling solutions have consistently excelled in that purpose, helping companies in virtually every industry significantly enhance the quality and efficiency of their thermal management processes. Today, however, the range of advanced applications where custom thermal solutions play a vital role continues to grow, and often includes much more than keeping electrical enclosures properly cooled.

High-performance computing technologies

Computer processing has been a breeding ground of innovation in several different forms of technologies, including advanced electrical thermal management. The high performance of electrical components that are packed tightly together in increasingly sleeker designs has given rise to the need for highly enhanced electrical cooling solutions that can meet their increasingly higher demands. Using custom thermal solutions that streamline thermal processes like liquid cooling, some of the most advanced computer processors can consistently perform at optimal capacity and without fear of overheating. Because their solutions are customized, the cooling apparatus that they rely on is designed specifically to meet each application’s unique needs.

Electrical cooling in hazardous locations

Electrical thermal management remains one of the most common applications for custom thermal solutions, and in many ways, that extends to some of the most demanding applications. For example, companies that operate in hazardous locations, such as in oil and gas manufacturing, rely on technology even more heavily than in many other industries. However, the demands placed on their technological solutions can often be costly for companies to keep up with. Many of today’s custom thermal solutions are customized because of the higher demands that come with operating in hazardous locations. They combine the high-performance, natural, and eco-friendly methods of transferring heat utilized by other custom thermal solutions with the highly durable, tightly sealed, and ultimately safe construction of equipment made for hazardous locations.

Specialized plastic mold cooling

Not all custom thermal solutions are customized to meet tougher external conditions. In many industries, customization lies in the specific ways in which companies utilize the advanced heat transfer methods of modern thermal management. For instance, in the plastic mold industry, thermal management is key to a company’s core processes, and the cooling solutions utilized to remove heat from plastic molds is essential to the company’s overall operations. Designed to use advanced heat transfer techniques to provide the rapid and consistent thermal management required, custom-designed thermal pins can help plastic mold companies significantly enhance their overall productivity and efficiency, as well as the consistent quality of their yields.

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