What Technologies Work Best For Different Industries?

The source of electrical power. Wires connected to power supply. Cables in electrical connectors. Support of power supply. Ensuring the supply of current. Electrical products. Electrical engineering.Whether it is the first consideration your business takes into consideration or not, having an efficient way to remove waste heat from technological applications is arguably the most important factor to think about when factoring the productivity of your business. What’s more, it is not enough to just have a solution, but to have one that will best work for your business while taking into account environment, location, function, and purpose of your technologies. In today’s blog, the team at Noren Thermal Solutions in Taylor, TX will look at a number of technologies and how they may or may not be the best for your industry.

Phase-Change Cooling

Some applications utilize phase-change cooling to force temperature regulation. This entails utilizing a cooling fluid’s latent heat of vaporization so as to transfer heat continuously. When the fluid comes in contact with the source of thermal energy, it absorbs it until it reaches the point of vaporization. During this step, the less-dense fluid can be easily transferred to the assembly’s heat sink or other structure where it is released and condensed back into liquid. For some industries, this method can be quite useful. For others with more extreme conditions, utilizing a solution created to fulfill this need will prove more efficient.

Passive/Active Methods

Another method used to regulate internal temperatures includes passive or active convection heat transfer. Passive, also known as natural convection, occurs when buoyancy forces cause the fluid to move due to variations of temperature in the fluid. This causes it to displace while the cooler fluid gets denser and sinks. Alternatively, forced convection (active) occurs when the fluid used is forced to flow over the surface by influence of an external source in order to create an artificially-induced convection current.


Of our technologies utilized, thermoelectric is one of the more popular. These coolers essentially create a temperature difference through the transfer of heat between two electrical junctions. When this occurs, a voltage is applied across the conductors in order to create a current that flows through the junction of the two conductors, removing heat at from one and depositing it to the other. In other words, one junction is being cooled while the other takes on the source of heat, and both essentially pass the energy back and forth in order to properly regulate temperature. For more information on this process, contact our team today.

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