How Thermal Management Concepts Work

Close Up view of pipes for underfloor heatingIt is no surprise that technology has played and continues to play a major role in a variety of industries, especially with rapid advancements and a greater spread of possibilities. Products such as the manufacturing line, oil rigs, and much more have exponentially influenced our level of productivity as a whole. When it comes to maintaining these devices, however, there is little room for error in ensuring optimal function. In today’s log, the team at Noren Thermal Solutions in Taylor, TX will look at the ways in which we accomplish effective temperature regulation by explaining the science behind our thermal management concepts.

The Importance of Temperature Regulation

Just as an animal or human can become exhausted and overheated due to being out in the sun for too long, so can technological applications that are put to work incessantly. Indeed, overheating is the number one concern that must be taken into account – right behind function – when it comes to ensuring an application is working properly.

To properly regulate temperature, an application must utilize a product or accessory in order to cool the inner workings of the enclosure. It is here that much of the variety and options come in to play, as each piece of equipment is different and thus requires different parameters to be met. In order to best accomplish this, our team takes a collaborative approach in utilizing a number of different technologies.

Utilizing Multiple Technologies

At its core, thermal management involves understanding the thermal budget of a given application and utilizing one of the three strategies employed in properly managing heat. These strategies including spreading, moving, and dissipation of heat through transfer processes such as conduction, convection, or radiation. It is from here that the core of all of our products is designed.

To accomplish effective heat transfer, we implement a number of technologies. Examples of these include passive/active. Thermoelectric, phase-change, and machine tool. Utilizing these methods afford the ability to simplify things as opposed to overcomplicating them, allowing for advanced thermal management capabilities at a fraction of the cost or energy required to do so. For more information about these processes and how they work, reach out to your nearest Noren representative today.

Eco-Friendly Results

In addition to simplifying methods for technological cooling, the technologies we implement all keep the environment – both physical and working – in mind. For over 40 years, the team at Noren have made a conscious effort to continue innovating and creating custom products that utilize natural technologies in order to properly cool sensitive electronics.

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