Eco-Friendly Benefits Of Phase Change Solutions

Large industrial water treatment and boiler room. reverse osmosiIt goes without saying that there are a vast number of companies out there in many industries that utilize technological applications to complete essential tasks. Indeed, technological innovation has proven wonderous for these businesses to the point that operations have been amplified significantly. Just as a person needs time to rest, however, it is important to consider your equipment’s maintenance requirements and other needs in order to continue functioning optimally. In today’s blog, the team at Noren Thermal Solutions in Taylor, TX explains the benefits of using eco-friendly thermal management methods, and how phase change technology can help you make the most of your air to water heat exchanger.

Effective Thermal Transfer

Just as each individual requires oxygen to live, breathe, and function, your industrial applications contain unique parameters that must be met in order to allow for proper operation. This means that failing to provide such care and accommodations could result in system failure, breakdown, overheating, and even electrical fires.

Indeed, one of the biggest oversights that companies may initially not pay attention to is the fact that your equipment can, and will, overheat. After all, the energy that is being expended to provide a series of functions does not simply disappear, but instead, will continue to gather within an enclosure.

Further, this waste heat will cause the internal temperature of an application to continue to rise, and once it reaches levels dangerous to the equipment, it can cause a series of breakdowns and other complications. Because of this, it is imperative you employ a method for effective thermal transfer. To learn more about this process, reach out to our team today.

A Friend to the Environment

Though there are numerous heat exchanger options out there that claim they can meet your needs, it is important to recognize the give and take in the situation. For example, a heat exchanger may provide optimal function within your application, but it may come at a cost to the physical environment and your working setup.

This is where our solutions come in to help, however, as we place an equal focus on effective thermal management and environmental friendliness or sustainability. Contact a representative from our team today to learn more.

Optimal Function

Custom thermal solutions such as our heat pipe installations and others utilize phase-change technology to rid your enclosure of waste heat. This process involves exposing the heat source to a fluid such as water so that the fluid can absorb the waste heat. As this occurs, the temperature of the fluid will begin to rise until it has reached its latent point of vaporization, where it is then carried away from the source to cool down and return to its natural state. Once liquid again, it makes its way back to the source to repeat the process.

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