Using Thermodynamics To Reroute Energy

Grill Noren CTSWhen you think of cooling down equipment, you might immediately be drawn to air conditioning. As a culture, we have pushed the concept of this cooling method nearly everywhere we turn. Our cars and homes use this method to keep up comfortable, but they work in these instances for specific reasons. Industrial applications may be better served through a different form of thermodynamic transfer. 

Custom designed systems from Noren Thermal Solutions in Taylor, TX can help your company to efficiently move energy from one area to another. This can help keep your vital electronics such as computers or automation technology operational when things become rough. Heat sinks concentrate your thermal energy into one conductive area with many folds to increase surface area. This allows them to more effectively disperse high temperatures from your equipment. With traditional air conditioning, you could be battling overexposure that leads to routine system failure. Discover how using science to your advantage could help you to further your business goals. Save money and limit your unnecessary waste with a custom thermal management system from Noren.

Surface Area Allows Heat Sinks To Disperse Larger Amounts Of Thermal Energy

The surface area of the heated element plays into the amount of conductivity a location has. The more surface area, the more connection between the thermal energy and the cooler ambient air. Heat sinks aim to maximize this principle through the creation of an object that is highly conductive. You might be able to identify these through their many folds and turns. This allows for a greater capacity to move thermal energy.

Our Products Use Copper For More Efficiency

Heat radiates from sources and a few factors work to determine how quickly high temperatures can move from one location to the other. The material of an object can help or hinder the flow of thermal energy. Depending on your intent, certain substances are more suited for certain industrial applications.

One of the ways our products exceed the capacity of our competitors is through the use of more conductive materials. We utilize copper instead of aluminum for its superior ability to disperse heat. The proper investment in copper can help you to save money in the long run and avoid unnecessary waste.

Protecting Vital Electronics With Custom Solutions From Noren

Your equipment helps your company continue to thrive. Without a quality system, your computers and automated technology could be subject to damage from high temperatures. Control your thermal output with copper heat sinks from Noren Thermal Solutions in Taylor, TX. Call us at (512)595-5700 and speak with our team about your possibilities in crafting a specific design that suits your needs. Build for scale and plan for expansion in the future with copper heat sinks that can more effectively disperse high temperatures from your essential processes.