Understanding The Role Of Heat Pipes For Thermal Management

Large industrial boiler roomThermal management is a necessary part of any business that produces waste heat during the operation of its machinery. If your company is seeing large air conditioning bills due to the energy expenditures involved, we invite you to take advantage of technology with passive heat exchange. Heat pipes play a crucial role in taking excess temperatures away from sensitive areas and delivering them elsewhere so you may stay in range. This can provide immediate savings on your energy bills as well as increase efficiency when you prevent problems with overheating. This system creates a closed loop using a liquid inside the pipe’s container. By placing the pipe next to the heat, it transfers into the liquid until it evaporates into gas. As the gas moves further way traveling down the pipe, it eventually cools and returns to the original location to begin the process once again.

At Noren Thermal Solutions, we offer consulting services and design products to help you manage waste heat efficiently while maintaining a strong dedication to environmental responsibility. We have been doing business for over fifty years helping companies like yours tackle all numbers of unique business configurations. You can trust when you reach out to a qualified member of our team that your thermal needs are being well met.

A Cost-Saving Alternative To Traditional Air Conditioning Systems

If you decide to install a set of heat pipes in your factory, we can design a closed-loop system that transfers waste heat without constant energy demands. By placing liquid inside the pipes, we place them next to the applications where excess heat is produced. As the heat enters the liquid, it begins to turn to gas. This phase change efficiently transfers the energy elsewhere in the system until the gas cools back to liquid, draining to the original starting point.

Increase Your Environmental Stewardship With A Water Table Friendly Solution

The ecological benefits of a heat pipe system are twofold. By converting away from an active air conditioning system, you reduce carbon emissions by not requiring constant electrical use to cool your applications. You can also be sure that the liquids used inside your pipe system pose no threat to your local environment. We use no toxic chemicals or pollutants when designing the closed-loop system. Traditional air conditioning systems on the other hand may not be able to make the same claim.

Speak With Us About Designing A Custom Heat Pipe Assembly To Transfer Waste Heat

If you are looking to save on your bottom line with an ecologically friendly approach to thermal management, we invite you to pursue a heat pipe system. To find out more about this technology or any other that we offer, give us a call at Noren Thermal Solutions at (512) 595-5700.